Avoid High Priced Plumbing Clubs

By azsoftwaterco|January 24, 2018|Saving Money|0 comments

NEVER buy in to an annual service “discount” club again.  They are designed to make the company look good on paper to the investors and to put you on an “opportunity” list.  What is an opportunity list? You might be asking.  The list contains members and the stats for their property.  The stats contain the year of the house, type of water heater, age and size.  The company uses these stats and several others to market to you when the time is right.  Most of the membership services are basic (listed below) and are simply designed to get a “supervisor” aka SALESMAN out to your home and address larger issues that may be plaguing your home.

Big companies use the information and the logic that you already paid for the club to push high priced services and installations on you with out you getting second or even a third opinion.  I have been doing plumbing in Arizona for over 24 years and in that time only a few instances have been “do it now” or you may flood situations, most of those were tenant landlord situations and were not really emergencies as much as entitlements from the tenant.

Every big decision should take time and research.  DO NOT buy services or products because you have a “CLUB”.  Clubs have their place in retail sales but in service oriented businesses clubs are just a gimmick.  Hire a plumber based on experience, customer service history and knowledge of your plumbing problems with out calling an outside “Adviser/Supervisor” to close the deal.  Never allow a maintenance call turn in to a multi-thousand dollar project.   Free consultations are available from several Licensed Master Plumbers all across the Valley.

Basic Services Offered in a “club”

  • Water Heater Flush
  • Visual Inspections
  • Pressure Checks
  • Water Testing
  • Low Pressure
  • High Pressure
  • Anode Rods
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