Reverse Osmosis Low Pressure Problems

By azsoftwaterco|January 30, 2018|Helpful Tips|0 comments

Do you love your reverse osmosis water but don’t get enough water or pressure from the tap or refrigerator? There is usually an easy solution to this fairly common problem. The problem is tank related. The tank pressure is directly related to the incoming pressure to the home or office. The tank pressure cannot be increased simply by adding air pressure to the tank, so don’t do it. The 1st thing to check is the water pressure coming in to the house. If the pressure is below 75 psi., the system usually performs poorly. If this is the case, you can either increase the pressure at the regulator not to exceed 75 psi. or if there is no regulator a booster pump at the reverse osmosis system itself may be required.
The reverse osmosis booster pump is a simple installation. The pump is installed in the product line after the post filter. I have found the best results combine a post pressure tank inline after the pump to eliminate the need for the pump to run every time the water is used at the refrigerator.
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